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Pam Molnar

Pam Molnar is a freelance journalist, entrepreneur and the mom next door.

She got her start in writing while working in the printing industry in the 1990’s, creating copy for marketing materials and technical bulletins. In 2006, Pam left printing to stretch her entrepreneurial legs, resulting in several successful small business ventures. Her new flexible hours gave her the opportunity to pursue her dream of freelance writing.

Pam’s work can be seen in over 50 regional parenting and lifestyle magazines across the U.S. and Canada including Calgary’s Child, Atlanta Parent and San Diego Family. Her down-to-earth writing style encourages working moms to find balance, offers solutions to parents raising teens and is filled with enthusiasm for party planning.

Today, Pam writes a weekly column in The Beacon News, profiling new businesses in the Fox Valley area each week. The Beacon, a Chicago Sun Times Media publication, covers the news in the second largest city in Illinois. Pam is a regular contributor to the Beacon’s sister paper, the Naperville Sun. Her work celebrates amazing Naperville women making a positive impact on their community.

Pam is the mother of two busy teens and an active tween. Luckily, she does her best writing in the front seat of her car while waiting for her kids. In the rare moments when she has free time, she enjoys a good book, being outdoors and exploring her family’s history. Pam and her husband are raising their family in suburban Chicago.



Hi There,

Just read your article ‘Dear Santa’ in the Atlanta Parent. Hi-lar-ious !!!
absolutely loved it.I laughed from the beginning to end (unlike the anchorman 2 movie I saw yesterday arragghh!!!)waste of money!

I have two children and completely related to EVERYTHING you wrote.

Anyway , I just wanted to reach out and say good job and if you find that ‘time machine’, I will be first in line.

Regards Marsha



Thank you so much for reaching out! I am glad that you enjoyed my Letter to Santa. As I was writing it, I remembered all the ridiculous gift requests that my kids have had over the years, so I made a ridiculous list of my own. I thought other moms might like some ideas for their lists. :)

Happy New Year, Marsha, and thanks again for contacting me!



Enjoyed your piece in Atlanta Parent recently on the tooth fairy. Sounds like we are of similar disposition. Just wanted to keep up with you. See my blog at cabarbo.wordpress.com



Thanks for reaching out, Kim. It is always nice to hear from someone who enjoyed what I wrote. Sadly, the essay is based on true events. :) I will head over to check out your blog now. Keep in touch. Pam

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